Our first Martian House designs – What do you think?

We have the first set of designs for our Martian House. These designs have been created by Hugh Broughton Architects as a result of the workshops we ran with the public last year.

We spent time with the architects as well as the scientists involved in the project talking about what were common themes in conversations and which ideas really stood out. If you are interested in looking at this in more detail, see our blog post about the meeting. 

Hugh Broughton Architects then spent a few months working on designs until this one was produced. We had regular meetings with them to track the progress and ask for advice from the academics working on the project.

So here are our first conceptual designs! Have a look and tell us what you think.

This is the first version of the designs and so they will change before we build. We are going to be going back over them with scientists and engineers but we also want to know what you think. Please send us an email if you have comments or want to get involved in the build later on. Our email address is ellaandnicki@gmail.com.