Lancaster Launch Details.

This week we are back in Lancaster. We have been revisiting community groups that we met earlier in the year and are giving a talk as part of Open at Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts (LICA). It’s on at 12.30 on Saturday 23rd May, and is free and open to anyone to come along and hear more about A Decade With Mars, and our weather balloon launches we’ve been doing around the country. There’s also loads of other stuff you can come and see that day at LICA – the whole day is their ‘Family and Community Day’.

Later this week we’ll be also running workshops with Year 5 at Moorside Primary School.

On Sunday 24th May at 1pm we will be doing a weather balloon launch from Williamson Park in the centre of Lancaster. The launch will be happening in front of the bandstand with a sundial on it, just by the Memorial Building. Please come and join us, we’ll need a few hands to help us launch.

Last time we were in Lancaster we visited the Lancaster and Morecambe Astronomical Society, and met Jonathon Higginson, who is fundraising to build a public telescope in Williamson Park, in memory of his son George. You can find out more about the project and the charity here: We’re really pleased to have chosen Williamson Park to hold our weather balloon launch in, and hope that by holding a public event that gets people excited about space, we can help to raise awareness to build George’s Telescope.

Hope to see you at the launch on Sunday!

williamson park