Leeds change of launch time!!!

We have just had news from the Civil Aviation Authority – this is who we get permission to launch from. The Leeds launch on this Saturday 2nd May will now be at 5.30AM on Potternewton Park, not at 1PM as advertised.

Sometimes we get given restrictions on the launch based on wind direction or flight time depending on what airports are around our launch site. This weekend the Tour de Yorkshire will be happening and there will be a lot more air traffic filming the event, circling in the skies over Leeds. This means our launch will have to happen at a different time than we had planned. So it is going to be another early morning launch.

We’d love if people still wanted to come along – please join us and help us make it happen! When we launched in London at this time in the morning, it was really exciting, and our footage of sunrise from 100,000 feet might be our favourite one yet. Hopefully we’ll get some amazing fooftage of Leeds.

If you want to check any details or can’t find us please call one of us. Our numbers are Ella 07798888654 and Nicki 07759458452.