London Launch Details

We’re all ready for our London launch in Haggerston Park. We’ve spent a few days in London talking to different groups about the project, including a morning with St Hilda’s Community Center, and we’re giving a talk at Shoreditch Town Hall tonight. It’s free, and it’s at 6.30 PM. Here’s the link if you’d like to find out more.

So we’re launching really early tomorrow morning. The launch has to happen between 4.30 and 5.00 AM because of air traffic restrictions in London. If you’re interested in getting up really early and helping us launch a weather balloon to space, we’re meeting at 4AM at the entrance to Haggerston Park on Yorkton Street. We’ll all meet there and go into the park together.

Here’s where we’ll be:

Haggerston Park

If you can’t make it along, we will be posting the footage online afterwards. Sunrise is at 5.45AM tomorrow, so we’re hoping we will capture footage of sunrise from 100,000 feet.

Here’s where the balloon is predicted to land, where we’ll travel to after launching, and track the balloon using a GPS tracker:

London Landing Site