The Second Attempt

Tomorrow on Thursday 25th September 2014 we are going to make our second attempt to launch a weather balloon and film near space. The launch will happen at 1.30pm. Our last launch had to be canceled because of the wind direction: you can read about it here.  Sixty four percent of NASA’s launches are actually cancelled on the launch pad, on the day. Space travel has not been stopped by these failed missions, only postponed, and so we cannot fall at the first hurdle either.

We had planned to launch with a group of people who we plan to meet for the next ten years. These are a group of people who have all applied for a one way trip to Mars, due to launch in ten years time. We will now have to launch alone; an attempt which will mark the beginning of our project with them: a commitment to ten years of meetings, conversations, and friendships. As we mark this beginning point, we hope they will be watching our live launch, as we may be watching their live launch in ten years time.

During this year, we’ll be performing a series of launches throughout the country, and hope that some of these may be with the applicants we’ve met. For now we will be launching without them. If you would like to watch it we’ll be live streaming it here:

Please tune in at 1.30pm GMT tomorrow to see if we can do it.