Moonscape at The Science Alternative Village Fete


Last weekend we showed a small new piece at Royal Holloway as part of the Science Alternative Village Fete, run by Home Live Art. The event was themed Science fact/Science fiction.

We made a 4 minute film about space travel, Area 51 and aliens working alongside humans. The film looks at mankind traveling into space, and asks if other lifeforms have come here to visit Earth, drawing on the idea of hoaxes, sensationalist Discovery Channel documentaries, and cinematic Sci-Fi images. It was suitable for children and also adults to enjoy. The film was projected in a small box, for an audience to peer into one at a time, and listen on headphones. Inside the box is also a hand-made ‘Moonscape’, so the film appears amongst the backdrop of craters and an astronaut explorer.

Here is a picture of someone enjoying the film.

watching Moonscapes

Here’s a very short extract from the film, which features the voice of Chris Bailey.