Communities and Japan

We have started to reflect on what our project here in Yokohama is about, and the importance of the conversations that we’ve been having. How can we tie this together? What is it that we have been exploring? We have wanted to look beyond the surface of a place, although only being here for a few days. Similarly to when we were in America last year, we chose to meet people, start conversation, form friendships, in order to understand what it is that a place or a community is made up of and how it defines itself. In turn this has begun, for us, to allow reflection about our practice in a wider sense – why it is that we have an interest in conversation, what this allows us to achieve, and how the documentation and process is as much a part of this kind of work as any other outcomes. It is becoming apparent that all of our work is in some way about building a sense of community, as a theme that we are exploring in different ways within each project.

In this short time we been told that Japanese people tend to be solitary, and that it can be hard to feel part of a community here. It is hard to really know if this is a true picture of what Japan is like, because we are basing it on conversations with just the few people that we have met during the short time we have been here, but it feels as a visitor to be this way.

We have tried hard to meet people and have genuine conversations exploring what it is like to live in Japan, to see if we could start to feel part of it.

We have decided to throw a small party for the people we have met whilst here. We will hold it in the Gallery where we have been working. It will be a really small party just for the people we have met. A kind of gathering together, maybe creating our own community just for the 45 minute running time of the party. We are not sure if people will come, as some we have only met for a few hours. Maybe no one will show up. We will have drinks and nibbles and see if for one moment in Japan we can be surrounded by friends.

party invitation

party invitation