Window Display of Wild Thing at CPT

Camden Peoples Theatre has reclaimed its window space, and we have put up a display about Wild Thing I Love You in one of them, in advance of our performance as part of Sprint. The display is inspired by the museum cases that we saw when we were away. We visited The Willow Creek Museum in Bluff Creek, which displayed lots of local history and included an extensive Bigfoot Collection, with most objects courtesy of Bob Titmus. The back room was full of casts of found tracks, Bigfoot hair and books on the subject. Some of the exhibits also explored the idea of Bigfoot in popular culture with film posters and action figures. All of the exhibits had a homemade feel, so we took this as a starting point to create something similar. Our display at CPT has given us a chance to show some different aspects of the performance, and also to look at some of the research that we have not been able to include. It also includes some mapping and documentation made by Jess Mansel of the performance process, the structuring of the work and the relationship this has to the actual journey we took. Jess has been working with us as a dramaturg.

Photo from Bigfoot collection at Willow Creek Museum:


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