BLOP 2012

We haven’t updated the blog in a while, but we have been working a lot on the project recently, after beginning a six week research and development period funded by Arts Council England. We showed another work in progress at the weekend as part of BLOP at Arnolfini. It was a great event with loads of really good work to see. We particularly enjoyed work from Liz Clarke, Folake Shoga and Emma Bennett.

We used the showing as an opportunity to explore a new section of material focusing on a Bigfoot hunter we interviewed called James ‘Bobo’ Fay, who presents the Discovery Channel’s ‘Finding Bigfoot’.

Here’s a bit about Bobo, and what he is like away from the camera: Forget finding Bigfoot, Find Bobo.

We have been looking at how to show the conversations and interviews that we had with the researchers and people we met in different ways – through transcribing and editing, using animation, using subtitles, and allowing an audience to listen to some of the real recordings that we made.

We were also able to use the tent for the first time. From the start of making this piece we imagined the whole performance taking place in a tent, for an intimate audience. We have now had this made and are beginning to explore the possibilities of using projection and shadow to create an immersive experience. It felt like using the tent for the first time really added another layer to the work we have made so far.

So we are now continuing to work for another month, until we show a first, finished version at Camden People’s Theatre as part of Sprint Festival. This will be on the 23rd and 24th of March, and we’re doing two performances each night. Tickets are now available from the CPT website here. We recommend booking in advance due to the limited capacity of the tent.

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