The Beginning

Our trip to America lasted from 23/08/11 until 23/09/11. We spent this time on the trail of Bigfoot, in Humboldt County, Northern California, following in the steps of generations of famous cryptozoologists such as Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin, Bob Titmus, James ‘Bobo’ Fay, Loren Coleman, Jeff Meldrum.

 We met Joel Ficklin on a pirate ship in the Nevada desert. He grew up in Bigfoot country and lives on a large piece of land with his son in the hills. When Joel was nine he saw Bigfoot walking through a river. He was with his dad. His dad says it was nothing but a hairy hippie, but Joel has believed in Bigfoot since this day. Joel invited us to go searching with him, to re-visit the Salmon River, and to meet his dad.


We are developing a performance called Wild Thing I Love You, based on our experiences of searching for Bigfoot, camping in the woods, the wild, the bears, and wanting to believe. This blog will be used to document our devising process over the following months.


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